Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Omaha Steaks Turkey Dinner

Because I am not a cook, and my husband is not a turkey eater, Thanksgiving can be tricky. Jennie-O oven ready turkeys have been the answer for my dilemma over the last several years. But that was not to be this year. Safeway is the only place that carried Jennie-O's, and neither store had them this year. I even contacted the main website for help. The Jennie-O site used to have order options, but no longer. What was I going to to? Last Thursday I looked on line for some easy options and found Omaha Steaks. There it was- the perfect turkey dinner for two, or maybe three, with all the stuff I liked. I called before I ordered to see if it would actually get here in time. It sounded like a favorable possibility... and it arrived this afternoon at 3 PM by UPS. Somehow, it doesn't look the same as the picture on the web site - being in boxes that go straight to the freezer until time to cook- except for the turkey breast that is thawing in the refrigerator. But I don't care as long as we have what appears to be a Thanksgiving feast. In Milwaukee, my husband and I had a favorite restaurant we used to go to. Being just the two of us, it worked well. For whatever reason, we are two again this year. We don't have a favorite restaurant here, so we'll give this a whirl. Who knows? Maybe this becomes the new tradition.

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