Sunday, November 4, 2012

World War I Monument Wedding

It must be the time we usually drive by. Lately we have come across several weddings along Independence Avenue and the Tidal Basin. One of the favorite spots is the WWI Memorial that is across from the Martin Luther King Memorial. Rarely have we seen the actual wedding taking place, but that was the case this time. The bride wore a strapless gown, and it was in the 40's with a very brisk north wind. Luckily it wasn't raining, and the crowd appeared be quite somber all dressed in blacks and shadowy colors. The setting remains interesting with some fall color still apparent. The passers by continue to pass, some noticing, some not. We were driving in the opposite direction when I asked my husband to make a u turn at the WWII Memorial. There is something about a wedding that draws me to it. This one happens to be very public and private at the same time. Wonder what lies ahead for the wedded couple? This is another story waiting to be told, and it starts in a very memorable place.

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