Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kimberly Lankford - Kiplinger's Personal Finance Expert

It wasn't the first time she has been on the Today Show. In fact, this type of activity has been going on since we've known her. So we immediately checked the website this morning to catch the video of the "4 ways to cut red tape and save money." And naturally, it is always the best sound advice you'd ever want to hear. The video was also front and center in the business section of the MSNBC website. Because she had to be at the studio for an early morning call, she needed to travel by train to New York last evening - just in time for the snow storm with a big delay in Philadelphia. Her husband had to work late last night, as most surgeons in my household have always done. So we had a great opportunity to spend some time with our grandson. We went out for dinner, he did his homework, took a bath, and watched TV. All in all it worked out to everyone's advantage. This would never have happened if we still lived in Milwaukee. Check out the Kiplinger's "Ask Kim" column. Better yet- send her a question. She's also written a few books, loads of articles, and is the author of the military pamphlet on all things finance. We are so very proud of our daughter in law. And by the way, she's a great mom too!

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