Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pourhouse Packers

The Hawk and Dove was the place to take out of towners who were interested in viewing the Packer football games. They even had a separate room filled with green and gold. But Hawk and Dove has been closed for quite some time. It was sold and is being completely refurbished to look like a lot of other newer places in the neighborhood. A second choice was The Capitol Lounge. We had reasonably good window seats and a private screen the last time we went there. But this time was a little different. The game was supposed to be telecast at 1PM, but when I looked on line to find out about actual timing, they all said 2 PM. So I called Molly Malone's on 8th Street SE to get the scoop. They said the game would not be shown until 4:25 PM. It was sounding stranger and stranger. We couldn't remember the name of the place we went the last time, but did remember the Pourhouse on Pennsylvania Avenue. So I called and asked about their schedule. They said if we got there before 1 PM they could set up one of the screens for the Packer game. We walked over, and had breakfast. My husband and I left our visitors after the first quarter so our friends could enjoy the remainder of the game in peace. Neither one of us are diehard sports fans, so it worked out all the same. We never got in to the Packers that much in Milwaukee, so it's not surprising we're not in to them here. If they would just show it on TV, it wouldn't even be an issue. But that's too easy. Luckily we had some options. Now, what's for dinner?

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