Monday, November 12, 2012

Tidal Basin Autumn

Being off today is a treat. After running a couple errands - including the unsuccessful search for the elusive Jennie - O turkey - we headed back home from Arlington. Lately, we've encountered several weddings along the path on Independence Avenue on the way to the Tidal Basin. But since this is technically a workday for a lot of folks, none of that was to be had. What was remarkable is the beauty of the fall season, and it hardy matters what the backdrop is. What was familiar are the geese. They abound in Milwaukee as they seem to here. Comparing this relative lack of activity to Spring and the cherry blossoms tourist blitz is another sharp contrast. There are no hoards of visitors snapping photos of the pink blossoms. It is much more peaceful, and scenic in some ways. I'm just glad we have the opportunity to drive by whenever we feel like it. And every season, including winter, brings out the best of the structures that are so widely recognizable.

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