Sunday, November 25, 2012

Canal Park Ice Rink

Opened last month is the new Canal Park Ice Rink on M and 2nd Street SE. It has a canal feel shape rather than a circle to mimic it's name. It is located right across from the Department of Transportation and right by the Navy Yard Metro Stop. It was so windy yesterday we didn't think it would have a lot of takers. But we were proven wrong. This location by the Anacostia River may take a bite out of the Sculpture Garden ice rink on the Mall. The footprint of this place dates back to the the 1700's I'm told, and has undergone a huge transformation over the years. I'm not sure the entire site is complete, as it will eventually take up three blocks with green space and fountains. The Park Tavern restaurant is located right next to/in the ice rink and a Five Guys is right across the street. The Nationals Stadium is just up a few blocks from here. The Capitol Riverfront Neighborhood is starting to take shape and becoming an urban up and coming place. All the materials for this site are Eco friendly and environmentally clean. Supposedly there are even outlets to plug in your electric car. I'm not sure I want to live there, but I like being close to it. Our preference is the old historic feel of Capitol Hill rather than the modern steel and straight lines of the new neighborhood. But one of these days the convenience of modern construction may supersede the picturesque Capitol Hill if and when we ever decide to leave this place.

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