Friday, November 16, 2012

Chinese President Xi Jinping Connection

If you talk to someone long enough, you will alway find a connection to someone else - the old Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation thing. I have a colleague at the Library. He is married. His wife's mother was a best friend with a lady. This lady was the older sister of the new Chinese President, Xi Jinping. This lady had a son. When this lady died, her friend (the colleague's wife's mother) looked after this child. This child, now a man and married, is the nephew of the new Chinese President. Before the nephew married, the colleague's wife's mother tried to fix the best friend's son up with a young woman she knew. This young woman became the ex girlfriend of the new Chinese President's nephew. This ex girlfriend lives in Maryland and keeps in contact with the wife of my colleague, who is the daughter of the lady who was best friends with the new Chinese Presidents's older sister. So, my connection to the new Chinese President is through my colleague at the Library, and I think it's just five degrees of separation. I'm not sure if this line of reasoning would have happened in Milwaukee. Since we moved, two other striking examples have been thought through, but my head hurts thinking about how to explain them.

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  1. Took a long time to understand ... CoOoOol as always :)