Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Amber Waves of Grain at the US Botanical Garden

Across from the House of Representative Building on Independence Avenue is the US Botanical Garden. We walk through it with great regularity and drive by it even more. The Disabled Veterans Memorial will be dedicated in October - it is being built on Washington Avenue just on the other side of the Botanical Garden. This garden is a great place to see the ever changing flowers as the seasons turn, as well as a rest stop to chat, observe, and even watch the Fourth of July fireworks. Every year is a theme that is incorporated in to the architectural and plant elements.  Last year was a bug theme. This is the year of wheat. Around Bartholdi's fountain, a beautiful array of flowers is generally planted. But this year it is wheat. It is an interesting idea to say the least. Over the last week or two all the annual flowers were planted around the city's landmarks - including wheat. I am curious to see the progress throughout the summer months. It's a cute idea and there is a live exhibit to go along with it. For those who live in the neighborhood and have no green space or patio this is the perfect spot. We had an acre of land in Milwaukee. Luckily we have a small patio here, but we like these spaces all the same. 

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