Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yekta Persian Cookie Treats

I like cake. My husband likes cookies. But once in a while when there is no angel food cake in the house I will steal one or two of his cookies. Usually he picks a few fancy brands up that are on sale at Harris Teeter or Safeway. But for the last time, our grandson brought over some Persian cookies from Yekta - a Persian restaurant and grocery store in Rockville. It's probably the last time we will get these random treats because they are moving to Virginia at the end of next week and we won't be seeing them much even though it is just a few hours away. I usually won't go after these cookies because my husband really likes these, even though he says he doesn't. I don't particularly care for the rose water taste so he is in luck. And I'm sure he would like to stretch this batch out as long as possible for sentimental value. We'll probably go to Yekta this weekend for dinner. Maybe we'll have to pick up some dessert too while we are there. 

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