Monday, July 21, 2014

The Muffuletta

Our first encounter with a muffuletta sandwich was in New Orleans more than twenty five years ago. We were sitting on the second story porch encased in the regional black metal decor in the middle of the French Quarter for lunch. On the advice of a colleague we had already tried a Po Boy at Mama's, and were now on our own. Perhaps on the advice of the waiter we tried our first muffuletta - and it was a great choice. When we returned to Milwaukee, it became a weekly habit to make our version of it. That lasted for quite some time until we grew tired of it and moved on to some other flavor of the day. For whatever reason, last week I was reminded of this tasty meal. So we headed to Safeway in McLean and scooped up the  familiar ingredients - ham, salami, black olives, provolone cheese, Italian oil with herbs, and some really nice bread. We made the sandwich for dinner along with some jalapeƱo chips and a salad. We decided that two large "subs" were a bit too much and the next time we would make just one and cut it in half. There are a million ways to make these things, but it was a fun reminder of our travels, and that for whatever reason some things come and go based on boredom and reignited interest. I'm glad we remembered this one. It's easy and hits the spot. 

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