Monday, July 28, 2014

Smithsonian Urban Bird Habitat and More on a Monday Morning Walk

I am not a morning person. But since I started working a part time three days a week schedule in March, I have forced myself to get up early on Monday to walk with my husband on the Mall. It is dreadful getting up, but I know it is a good habit. Along the way there is usually something of note. The Canna flowers are in full bloom in front of the Capitol. We used to grow them in our Wisconsin garden. The huge sunflowers stand erect in front of the US Botanical Garden. What looks to be a bus disguised as a steamboat sits by the Air and Space Museum. The newly renovated Arts and Industries building spires are striking against the morning sky. Mr. Smithson overlooks the mall as the early morning residents - including us - pass by. In front of the Museum of Natural History are two huge chunks of 200 million year old petrified wood. Between this and the Sculpture Garden is the Urban Bird Habitat. Supposedly there are 300 species of birds that live, stop by, or pass through DC. The most frequent bird we see is the lowly pigeon. The Art Museum facade is finally complete with trees growing on the roof. The US Senate Sergeant at Arms has his own private parking spot right in front of the Capitol.   Before pressing on to Pete's diner for breakfast we stop at the Library of Congress across from the Supreme Court to cool off and catch our breath for fifteen minutes. On our way back home are the black eyed Susan's or daisies draped around the metal fence peculiar to the neighborhood. Only after a shower does it feel like a huge accomplishment. And it isn't even noon yet.

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