Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another Pond in the Neighborhood

Right near Eighth Street is a home with a very large pond in front of it. It has some fake lily pads and maybe a fish or two? It caught our attention because the other pond we are well acquainted with is at our grandson's house just up the street from us. We were asked to feed the always hungry koi for one last time while the final arrangements are being made for the move to Virginia at the end of the month. There is something relaxing about a little gurgling water and a lazy summer afternoon. Their home - which sold the same day it went on the market - has been the inspiration for a lot of my digital art. Paintings include the townhouse itself, the courtyard patio in the rear, and of course the fish pond. The home has also been a part of three children's books that I wrote and illustrated. This morning was the last official feeding time. I'm not sure there will be any more after today. I only hope the new home owners take as good care of this place as the previous owners. 

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