Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Mayflower Moving Van Leaves an Empty House

It finally happened. My husband stood on the sidewalk - mouth agape. We knew they would be moving, but to see the truck actually piled with furniture and memories was a little hard to swallow. For those leaving they are looking forward to new adventures. For those staying behind it feels a little lonely. One of the major reasons we moved to DC from Wisconsin was to be near our grandson and his family and try to be of help if and when our son was deployed, and any time in between. That happened three times over the last eleven years. Now our army surgeon son has retired and is living the new civilian life in Virginia. Obviously we wish them the best and we may even see them more now that they have actually moved three and a half hours away. Our neighbors in Wisconsin said they felt the same way when we packed up and left after thirty years. I remember them waking up very early and waving from their front window as we pulled out of the driveway. The contents put in that truck left a very empty house. Each room was well known to us and filled with good people. The neighborhood will never be the same. 

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