Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Overgrown Patio Garden

We were only gone a few days. Now the birds are boycotting, the vines growing on the fence are out of control, and some of the annuals are burned out. There is more green than colorful flowers. The tomato plant has turned on itself - it is so tall it reaches beyond the top of the support structure and now bending towards the ground covered in several 3-4 tomato clusters. It was hot while we were away so we made sure someone would come by and water everything so it would survive. I need to get the clippers out and start snipping away. I'm just too tired and hot to do it right now. I thought adding a section of grass along the building would make the garden a little more manageable this year. Our gardens, window boxes and pots in Milwaukee were abundant and required even more maintenance. But I was also a lot younger.  That clematis vine better start behaving. It just might be next to go!

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