Sunday, August 14, 2016

AAA Maps, Guide and Tour Books, and TripTiks - "Travels Without Charlie"

Just this week we decided it was time to plan a trip to California. We have been there several times over the years, but this time will be different. We are going to drive. I've always wanted to drive around the country and visit as many states as possible. The thought of having an RV sounded really cool - but very impractical - for us. Neither of us can imagine driving anything bigger than our Forester, but like the idea of our own house in wheels. We've been up and done the eastern seaboard so many times, and back and forth from the Midwest. The idea reminded me of the book I wrote after our grandson visited us from California. And after we looked at the google maps planned route from DC to LA, the idea is quite daunting - but we are filled with anticipation! So what did I do? I've been a AAA member for almost 40 years, so I decided to order up a trip tik, get a hard copy map of the USA, and selected a few tour books. I know it's all on line, but I like having a hard copy map in the car when we are on trips. We have no time limit, nor a specific plan along the way. It will be a completely "unplanned" trip - except for having the goal of reaching LA and returning back home on a different path. So it's time to get the almost one year old Subaru Forester geared up for the long haul. We can't wait! It's like "Travels with Charlie" without Charlie! 

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