Monday, August 29, 2016

Pepco Power Outage - the Second Time in Two Weeks

My husband woke me up out a deep sleep this morning to tell me the power was out. There's not a whole lot you can do about it except report it and try to get updates. The odd thing was was that half of the power was working. Luckily the refrigerator was, but the air conditioning and lights weren't. So I checked the pepco app and saw it was already reported with 161 affected and a 9 AM resolution time. So we decided to go for a short walk and see if pepco trucks were anywhere to be seen. We saw three on the corner and when we returned, the power turned back on at 11AM, giving us enough time to shower and make breakfast. But it went out again with even more people affected and a 2PM estimated correction time. So of course this means there is no internet service - something that was validated using the Xfinity Comcast app. Thank goodness we don't have to be anywhere or do anything - except take a ride in the car to charge the phones if it gets to that. What I'd like to know is why this has happened twice now in two weeks? It reminds me of when we lived in Milwaukee that ours was the only block in the neighborhood that had consistent power outages until they finally changed whatever was causing the problem. It was most annoying to have no electricity only to see the neighbor's across the street with all the lights on in the house. At least it's daylight and we can't really tell who is affected. It still doesn't make us feel any better. 

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