Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alexandria Halloween

Alexandria is a very pretty place, and we visit the city several times a month. It was here that we stayed for Christmas one year a very long time ago. It only takes about 20 minutes from our house, across the bridge, past the airport, and along the GW Parkway to get there. The decorations are always seasonal, festive and typically distinctive. After all, George Washington had a townhouse here, and everything about the place has a certain decorum. We went to see the Halloween displays, and weren't too disappointed. One difference from suburban neighborhoods is that you can actually feel something here- and they say there is a haunted candy shop - among other things. Is it just me- or is there a certain creepy common thread about all these "decorations?" Imagine all the wrongdoing that occurred along these streets over these last few centuries?

The original cobblestone street is quite pretty, but the car hates it

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