Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Capitol Hill Club Protesters

As I crossed the street from the Madison Building to the Capitol Hill Club, I heard a ruckus- then noticed a gurney with a person on it- covered in a sheet, with two caretakers standing next to her. She said if I passed by her, she would die, because of Medicare cuts. I thought someone had an accident and was being attended to. But then I heard the chanting, and the signs, and the group of protesters circling in front of the Capitol Hill Club. Their issue was Code Blue- what are the patients going to do? They were blocking the sidewalk so I had to walk in the street. Several people took pictures. This is getting to be a routine scene in the neighborhood. Things are heating up. By the time I went back to work after lunch, they were gone. And everything was back to normal - until the next time.
Primarily female- 40-50's... probably nurses

Must be using their lunch break

Do you think anyone noticed?

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