Monday, October 24, 2011


Today was a day trip to Baltimore- not very far away, with our best friends. We've gone on many trips together and they are luckily always non-eventful and very memorable.  The funny thing is that we ended up at the same place for brunch that my husband and I stayed in the 80's- at Fell's Point- when it was just renovated. Baltimore reminds us a lot of Milwaukee. In fact, a marketing guy I used to work with there now works at the Baltimore Aquarium. It was a beautiful day ...  after exploring the water front, we drove to North Point Park. The leaves are beginning to change, and Fall is in the air. All in all a great day. But we've always known it's not the place, but the people we are with.
Fell's Point

Halloween ready

Wall art

North Point Park

A gentle reminder of where we are


A view of the city from Key Bridge

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