Friday, October 28, 2011

George Washington Parkway

Every few months we take a ride along the George Washington Parkway towards Mount Vernon. Because we heard it might SNOW tomorrow, we thought today would be a good day to see what might be the end of the Fall color. It didn't seem like things have reached near their peak, but all the same it is always an enjoyable ride. I wonder what George was thinking when he rode back along this way to his home? Much of the scenery remains the same along the mighty Potomac River. There are even better scenes in the Midwest... and my parents from Florida always visited us there in October for that reason. But there is something about this stretch of rode. Imagine all the characters that passed this way- the ones we hated to read about in history class. Regardless, I still think it's too early for that dreadful snow. Since we moved here, we are breaking all kinds of weather records- but none of them are in our favor! Snow and cold was one of the primary reasons we moved here from Milwaukee. I feel like I'm still there.
There are many eagle nests along the Parkway-
but we haven't seen many eagles

A bike trail runs along the entire route from DC

A really dumpy place- like an old supper club- but a great view

A place to contemplate
Mount Vernon entrance

The way to Mount Vernon- a great place to walk in this kind of weather

George picked a great spot

The new Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center across the river in Maryland-
you can take a water taxi from Alexandria to get there

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