Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Doctor Visit

September and October have been the months for doctor and dentist visits. Yesterday I went to the dentist for a routine check, and it is always so uneventful - as these things can be. It is only one block away, the staff are very pleasant, you get in on time, and leave in short order. I've even had a crown completely done in one session! Today we needed to go to the doctor office. My husband needed a flu shot, and I needed a blood draw (following thyroid pill poisoning!)...whenever we go to the doctor office, it is a completely different story. It's only a few blocks away, but we need to take the car and find parking- not easy to do during rush hour. The staff are not very nice, you always have to wait, and it is always unpleasant. Tomorrow we need to go for a recheck at the eye doctor- that's the place that takes an hour to go 2 miles. The only thing good about having all this health care stuff done at one time of the year is to get it over with, but it sure is annoying, no matter where or what it is. On second thought, I got to be away from work a few more hours- and that is not such a bad alternative!
Close to the house and very modern, up to date

Very confusing and unpleasant

I prefer using on line services as much as possible

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