Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Treasure - Library of Congress Main Reading Room

The last thing I want to do on my day off is go to work, but there are exceptions to the rule. Once or twice a year, the Library opens the main reading room to visitors. I have been in it before- during orientation, following a co-worker through it, and having a spectacular view from the stained glass windows vantage point while renovation was taking place. We walked up the scaffolding almost to the dome, behind huge tarps, to see the repair work that was going on. My husband has never been in the main reading room, so we decided to walk over and take a peek. The Library's Jefferson Building is the most beautiful building in the city. At one time, folks would be able to come in to the room, and listen to the Librarian read a story or two by candle light. It must have been really enchanting, arriving by horse and buggy to the carriage entrance on the ground floor. It sounds really cool, but I can't imagine it today. It's nice to be reminded how things used to be- and this was a very pleasant way to do it- even on my day off. 
The kids are interested in Nicolas Cage- National Treasure- shot in this room

Many interested spectators

We once stood right next to the stained glass!

Just beautiful!

Ask who?

Rows and rows of card catalogs

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