Monday, October 3, 2011

Hill Rag Wall Art

Fall is definitely in the air- much too soon for me. It is also the beginning of another month, so we looked for the most recent Hill Rag publication. I always like to read through it and get the news about the neighborhood, check the real estate sales and prices, and then hang it on the wall because it always looks so nice. It wasn't in the news stand box on the way home from lunch, but it was when I walked home after work. I'm hoping one of these days to have one of my digital art creations on the cover. At one time, I wanted to major in journalism, having been a page editor, layout designer, and headline writer. But I always loved to draw, and write. Who knows... what goes around comes around? I sure took a strange route to get to this place. Maybe something will actually come of it!

Halloween is coming soon

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