Sunday, October 2, 2011

Solar Decathlon

We saw the sign for the Energy Department Solar Decathlon along Independence Avenue over the last two weeks. I knew the event occurred around this time of the year, but it has always been on the Mall. I asked my husband if he noticed any of the buildings being built on the Mall - and he said no. Last night on the news, they announced the winner of the competition. When I looked up where the event was actually being held, it was kind of on the Mall, but in West Potomac Park. This area is off the main drag past the Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Memorials, and not as easy to get to. Anyway, today was quite cloudy, cold, windy, with a chance of rain, so we decided to drive over just to see the event and get some gasoline for the car on the way home. Germany has typically won the event, but I noticed they did not have a team entered this year. I wish I had known about it on Friday, as we would have much preferred the scenes and the inventions more than the annoying ride to Georgetown- and it was sunny and beautiful outside. Somehow, a solar exhibit needs to be viewed when the sun shines, and this certainly was not the day for that.
I didn't realize the event was going on even with this huge sign in my face
Usually there are a lot of sporting events held here

This area stretches along the Potomac River

Usually a baseball game is played here

They wanted to give the Mall a "rest" from traffic and activity

Still in a great setting

It just doesn't look like a solar event

Germany usually wins- but they did not enter this year

She has the right idea

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