Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bartholdi Fountain

There are many fountains in the neighborhood. But the most magnificent one is by the Botanic Garden on Independence Avenue. The fountain has been under renovation since 2008 and actually finished on time this year. It sits right near the Capitol Building, next to the House Office Building, and at night it is just luminous. We always walk back home through the Park because there is always something new to see as the gardens change over the months. It also gives you a really good idea what you should or could plant in your own garden. Most of the homes in the area do not have a lot of yard. But all you have to do is walk a block in any direction, take a load off your feet, and enjoy the view. It is not uncommon to see families or couples bringing a picnic lunch to these peaceful places and doing just that.
In the dead of winter, work was being done

A little stark

We see these signs EVERYWHERE

It was actually completed on time

The ugly duckling no more

Facing the botanic garden

A view of the Capitol

A beautiful evening

All we need is a little water music

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