Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tasty Kabob

It was finally a beautiful day today, and the food trucks were out. Tasty Kabob has not been around the neighborhood for awhile. As you can see by the line, it looks like everyone missed it. I had noticed a few folks gathering around the truck when I walked home for lunch. But when I went back to work, it was really doing a hot business. At least this time they did not park right on front of Tortilla Coast, Bullfeathers, the Thai place and the subway shops. Or maybe even they all like to have the choices. It could get tiring eating the same thing every day. But come to think of it, I do eat the same thing every day for lunch. The difference is that it is home made and ready when I walk in the door. Couldn't have it any better. It was always a hassle to figure out what to do for lunch in an office setting. The hospitals always had cafeterias and coffee shops. But I think I like home the best.
Across from the House Office parking lot

In front of an office/residence
What's the appeal?

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