Saturday, October 29, 2011

Union Station, Monuments and Snow

Our friend is traveling to California today by way of Baltimore/Washington Airport and needed a ride to Union Station to catch the train to the airport. The main hall of Union Station was closed because the ceiling plaster fell down yesterday from old earthquake damage.  After we dropped her off, we had a few errands to run. Along the way, it continued to rain. The monuments take on a different feel during this kind of weather. Our grandson was hosting a hot dog/barbecue this afternoon for his baseball team, and there was a dog show in Middleburg, Virginia- on a plantation- that we would have gone to. But the rain slowly turned to snow, and we are now back home watching the flakes fall. This is one time that I miss my fireplace is Milwaukee. I'll just have to crank up the heat and pretend we have one- or get an IPad app with a fireplace burning. I am still amazed at all the people who walk around like it's summer time outside- with no jackets and no umbrellas. Those pictures probably would have been more interesting than any of these.
The pigeons are sitting along the window ledges to avoid the rain

Construction around Union Station

Big raindrops on the Capitol

Not a lot of company for Tom today

On the GW Parkway along the Potomac

Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial

Almost home

What the heck is that white stuff in October?

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