Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

I was very sad to hear that Steve Jobs died yesterday. I was a late comer to Apple products- simply because I grew up on Windows and Office products that were all non-Apple. But I was sold on the IPod, the IPhone, and most enthusiastically on the IPad. I was in the batch of fans to pre-order the first IPad two years ago. I could see the potential early, early on. And I waited by the window all morning for the truck to arrive and deliver the package just as promised. I got an IPad for my 88 year old mother who lives in Florida. It replaced the one way Presto printer that I had set up for her to send pictures and notes, but she was not able to respond to any of that. She has had the IPad for a year now and downloads books, listens to music, and writes emails. We have never stayed more in touch! Having the IPad re-introduced me to art. I always liked to draw, and the apps available to illustrate are wonderful. You could say Mr. Jobs is responsible for my new writing and art career! I must have convinced 10 or more people to get an IPad, and they all enthusiastically embraced it. My husband told them all that I was not an agent for the company, but could easily have worked for them. I will personally miss Steve Jobs. It was great to live at a time to know about someone who did so much good for everyone- they simply don't come along that often.
This may be the best reason of all

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