Friday, October 21, 2011

Flu Clinic

This has been an exceptional week for heath care related appointments. The flu shot my husband got yesterday did not like him at all. He was quite ill all night and well past the afternoon with temperature, body aches and respiratory distress- almost as bad as having the flu. I thought about calling the doctor office to let them know- and his answer was "why would they care?" This afternoon, he was feeling well enough for the follow up eye exam that usually takes an hour to get to to travel just 2 miles away. Things were in good order getting there, having the exam, and coming home. Now he is resting and getting some Z's. I had my flu shot through the Library a couple weeks ago. The only reaction I had was a very sore arm. But the setting was much better than the doctor office. It was in the beautiful Madison Hall. There was no waiting, the staff were very pleasant, and it was very convenient. Can't say the same about the doctor office. We also got this service at the health care organization I worked for in Milwaukee. I'm beginning to wonder about all this preventative medicine... is it really all necessary? It's very hard to say.
Probably a good idea

Sign on the dotted line

Wonder what Madison would think of it?

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