Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Last Hurrah

The tomato plant took over the garden this year. It was overwhelming. That would have been okay if at least we had a decent crop. The extraordinary rain and the cold may have had something to do with it, and a lot of people I've spoken to said their tomatoes were not good this year either. Today, my husband finally removed the plant, but saved what was left. We've tried putting the green tomatoes next to bananas; someone else mentioned putting them in a brown bag with bananas. None of this has worked. But we couldn't just throw out the plant with all of the tomatoes still on it. Now, the cucumber vines were another story... the harvest was all season long and the cucumbers were absolutely delicious. If there is not a formal garden, we don't understand why everyone does not at least plant one vegetable in a pot. One of my colleagues, who recently lost his mother-in-law (who loved to garden), said that even towards the end, she would want to be taken out to the patio to sit and just watch the cucumbers grow. That is just so poetic, and brings a little tear to the eye.
They look more like lemons or pears

One looks like it's starting to turn? Just my imagination
The garden never looked so good!

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