Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pennsylvania Avenue

There were a lot of things going on today along Pennsylvania Avenue and the Mall. And it was a beautiful day to take a walk compared to last weekend when we needed our winter coats. A Taste of DC has been going on since Friday. I think we are the only people who walked through it without even buying a lemonade. The Occupy Wall Street Protestors were occupying Freedom Square, right next to the Taste of DC. It looked like most of the action there had subsided. Yesterday the police used tear gas on the crowd over by the Air and Space Museum. On the way back, we went through the Mall, and it was clear that Fall is on the way. We walked along Constitution Avenue until reached the sculpture garden and fountains. When we got back home, I intended to whack back the garden, but I just didn't feel like it. After all, tomorrow is actually another day- it's Columbus Day, and I do have off. That is a holiday that I never had off working thirty years in health care. It is a glorious three day weekend. Maybe I could somehow work on getting those every week?
A chicken wing eating contest

Something for everyone

Up and down Pennsylvania Avenue

Feedom Square Occupy Wall Street

Packed with hungry people

Ribs and barbecue

A needed canopy form the heat!

Facing the Archives at the Sculpture Garden

Fall is here

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