Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UPS Delivered

I had a package that was due to be delivered on the day of the hurricane. It was on the truck, but didn't make it. So for the next two days, there was a post that the circumstances were beyond UPS' ability to deliver. I could understand that, but was amazed to see the US Postal Service deliver the junk mail throughout the stormy weather. So today, I was confident that the package would arrive. The hurricane advisory remained as the status, but the zip codes affected no longer included DC. So I continued to check it throughout the day. Around 4PM, the status changed to delivered, without any notice that it was indeed on the way. I was glad my husband was home to receive it, although this UPS guy knows us well and delivers items down the street to our daughter in law if we are not home. More often it is the other ways around! I was hoping to get this particular package earlier so I could fiddle with it while I was off. It's my new iPhone 5. Now let's see if I will be able to activate it myself. It was a nice surprise to bet it after going back to work today. I'm just thankful we are still able to resume our daily lives so much easier than others after this horrible storm. So I hope no one complains about the service this time around. If you do, you've got a problem.

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