Friday, June 20, 2014

A Lazy Friday Afternoon Down Independence Avenue

My husband was reading an article somewhere about a guy who lives in DC and can't understand the need to travel - particularly If you live in a city like this. DC has everything, so there was no need to look any further. With that in mind, I thought about it as we were coming home along the George Washington Parkway and crossing over Memorial Bridge by Arlington Cemetery. Our usual route is down Independence Avenue. Looking out on the Potomac was a tourist boat streaming down the river. The Washington Monument stands out against the crisp blue sky with all the earthquake damage scaffolding removed. I'm always looking for a wedding party at the WWI Memorial, and sure enough there was an event taking place there. The ever changing floral Library was just planted for the summer season. The newest addition to the grand Smithsonian Museums is making progress up on Constitution - four stories above ground are now visible. The 1879 National Museum restoration project is now complete, but unfortunately there is nothing going on inside. Imagine what did go on in 1879! The familiar street vendors are lined up all along the Avenue, and the hop on and hop off tour buses are everywhere. Since we moved here a lot of this feels all too familiar, and even annoying depending on the time of the year. But you really have to agree somewhat with what the man was saying about not needing to travel. All this activity and known national landmarks were seen on just one street in the city. Who needs a suitcase? Just step outside. 

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