Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Library of Congress Employee Arts and Crafts Exhibit

I have participated in the Library of Congress Employee Art Exhibit for the last two years. Ever since the IPad came around, my interest in art was reignited. But instead of using traditional watercolor and pastels, I converted to digital painting. It's really not that much different - just a lot less messy - but just as difficult. The art show gives any artist great exposure in one of the greatest venues in the city. And it lasts for several months on the sixth floor of the Madison Building. The first year a Capitol Hill townhouse and my husband relaxing in a chair (retired) were submitted. Last year an English Springer Spaniel and Women on the Steps of Persepolis were featured. This year I put all the possible options on Facebook and asked for a vote from my friends and family. It seems everyone likes the snow shoveling on Capitol Hill. It's actually one of the images from my book about a parent/child separation called "The Four Promises." But after that it is not as clear what should be the second entry. I suppose it depends on if you are a dog or a cat person. Both the bulldog and the black and white cat got about the same number of nods over the rest. If any of you have an opinion, I would really appreciate hearing from you! Just drop a comment in the blog post. 

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