Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Lone Duck at the US Botanical Garden

I really like animals, both the furry and the feathered ones. When I was very small, we used to take stale bread and feed the ducks in Connecticut. When we moved to Florida, we went to the bakery, asked for their stale bread, and fed the ducks in the neighborhood pond. In Milwaukee I remember going to the lakefront one time - right after my hand was in a snow blower accident - to feed the ducks. It's amazing what one remembers when she has an accident and recuperating at home! Now in DC, whenever we pass through the First Ladies Garden at the US Botanical Garden on a weekend walk to the Mall, we see the same male Mallard duck in the pond. But we don't feed him, and he's the only one there as far as we can tell. He acts like he owns the place. It feels like it is no where within the city limits it is so peaceful there. Wonder why no one wants to join him?

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