Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Wedding at the World War I Memorial

June is the month for weddings, and it also happens to be the first day of summer. You wouldn't know it was summer with temps in the low 70's. But every time we drive down independence Avenue on the way home - particularly during the summer - I look for a wedding at the World War I Memorial. Today was not a disappointment. As you approach the area, it looks like any other day until a pop of apricot from the several bridesmaids dresses becomes visible. Usually, the wedding party and guests are standing and sitting on the Memorial under the dome, and sometimes there are many chairs set up around the memorial when the guests far outnumber the available space. Today, the bride and groom were clearly visible above the rest standing on the platform. What strikes me is that locals and tourists alike are nonchalantly walking past this event of a lifetime as if it is just another day in the month. Imagine all the preparation and planning that went in to it, and hoping that the weather will be cooperating at an outdoor event. There are a lot of interesting backdrops for ceremonies such as this in the city. This is one of my favorites. 

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