Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The New L'Enfant Plaza

Driving up independence Avenue we arrived at the L'Enfant Plaza turn off right across from the Smithsonian Castle. I just read somewhere that the area was revitalized and newly reopened, creating a brighter and more interesting place below ground - and perhaps above? Our last encounter with the area was over ten years ago when we stayed at the hotel to celebrate my sister's fiftieth birthday. It was in February, snowing, and the city was empty when we walked from there to the Hart Building to get our pre-ordered White House tickets. Being from Wisconsin it didn't seem like such a big deal, but since we moved here, apparently it is! I just remember the place as being dark and dingy, but very busy underground when we entered to and exited from the metro. Since we only drove around the plaza on this go round, there wasn't much to see. I guess we will need to return on foot and check it out more. One of the best reasons to learn about it is to see if there are available public restrooms. If you are ever on the Mall in the morning with out of town guests or otherwise, and the museums have not yet opened, these are the important things to know! 

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