Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Registration and Residential Parking Renewal Notice

Two years goes by really fast. We were reminded how quickly time flies with a notice to renew our car registration and residential parking notice. The only items we get in the US mail delivered by the Post Office are these sorts of annoyances. And so we were once again reminded of the privilege to park a car on the street on Capitol Hill. You can renew for one or two years, with a savings of about $15.00 if you go with two. Our vehicle was taken in for inspection at the station a month or two ago, and it is charged on this bill rather than at time of service. Aside from this routine is the visitor parking pass process that is a whole other story. This week seems to be the week to rant about parking - something I haven't done for awhile. In Milwaukee we had a two car garage with more space on the driveway plus street parking. We never needed to think about where to park a car, or two. But I have had a cold, sore throat, and feeling down in the dumps since last Friday. So everything is somewhat irritating now - although this issue will always be annoying. Look how people park around here?

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