Saturday, June 7, 2014

Army Band Concert on the Capitol Steps

Every year since we moved to Capitol Hill we have attended the Army Band concerts on the Capitol steps. All the military bands perform around town, but this is the most convenient location for us. They also perform during the week but Friday evenings always worked out the best. It was the end of a work week, it was a nice walk over after dinner, and our son was in the Army. This is the first time we went to a concert that he is no longer on active duty. He is now retired and starting his civilian career. I remember sending him video of the concert to Afghanistan, where he was twice deployed as a surgeon.  Prior to that he was deployed to Iraq. My Dad was in WW II on a destroyer escort and my Mom was in the Navy. You could say the sounds of the military bands are familiar to my ears. The best part of any concert is at the finale when the theme songs of the five branches are played. Anyone who served is asked to stand when their song is played. Whether you agree with whatever is going on in this world or not, I just know our family has contributed positively to the armed forces. These events are reminders of what they do and did. And what a setting to have a concert. 

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