Monday, June 9, 2014

Dusk on the Capitol Grounds

This time of year is quiet on this side of town. With the temperatures in the 70's and low humidity, the best time for a walk is in the evening at sundown. On the weekends it is especially silent. You would never know you live in the Capitol city. The streets are deserted, there are a few people ambling about, but it feels like you are the only people in the neighborhood. Just two blocks from our house are the House Office Buildings. We pass by the Cannon Building on the way to the Capitol. There are a lot of interesting trees planted on the grounds there, and depending on the time of day and season, they take on interesting shapes and colors. From the west side, the Washington Monument stands tall across the Mall. Planes flying to Reagan Airport can be seen every five minutes. But of course the magnificent dome stands out above anything else. A lot has happened under that structure and it's hard not to imagine all that as you pass by. The landscape in South Milwaukee was a lot different than here. On nights like these, nothing can come close. 

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