Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Father's Day Milkshake

Since we moved to DC, our grandson has made it a point to stop over to acknowledge Father's Day. At first his parents would bring him, but for the past couple years he was old enough to make the short walk over to our house by himself.  He usually brings a treat with him. Typically it is in the form of food - home made chocolate chip cookies are a favorite, and designer cupcakes are always well received. This year he was away visiting his own dad in Virginia as the family is transitioning a move from here to there. So he knocked the door early this week to deliver a special package. We believe it was supposed to be a milkshake. We tried it out on the day of delivery but decided to keep it in the refrigerator a couple of days. Soon we will need to return the glasses to their rightful owner. We've always appreciated the gesture because it's the thought that counts. And I am sorry to say that this will be the last delivery. We always had a good time catching up with whatever was going on in his life. Let's hope it continues after he moves. After all, that was the most important part of the visit. 

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