Sunday, June 22, 2014

L'Enfant Plaza on a Saturday Afternoon

Last week we took a ride around the new L'Enfant Plaza. But we couldn't see much from the car as most of the extensive renovation occurred underground. The last time we were anywhere around here was over ten years ago when we stayed at the hotel to celebrate a birthday. The shopping and eating area was dark, but very crowded. We used the metro to get here from the airport. So we took a walk last evening from our house to this destination first passing by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, and the Department of Energy. We even stopped at the CVS to buy band aids for an unexpected toe malfunction. Along the way I dropped my water bottle from the carrier without knowing it, and bought another one from a street vendor for $3.00. There were a lot of tourists scurrying around by the Federal Plaza Metro going to and from the Mall that is only a block away. When we reached the Smithsonian Castle, we turned toward the Plaza and reached the glass enclosure that is the above ground entrance. There was a huge staircase descending to the floor below. Everything looked relatively new since it just opened on June 1. But it was completely deserted except for a couple of food vendors that were open. We passed by a closed Hallmark Shop and a Post Office, and didn't take the hallways that lead to the hotel and the metro. We did however, find restrooms that could come in handy when walking the mall with out of town guests. They say the place is very busy during the week from nine to five, but that's hard to believe when you see it looking like this. We thought about maybe grabbing a bite to eat, but it was too early and we preferred to have our own home made pizza when we got home. Everything looked so stark with Federal Building cement buildings all along the route and simply not very architecturally appealing. I suppose someone likes this style? Not sure we'll be coming back any time soon - at least not on the weekend. 

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