Thursday, June 12, 2014

Patio Door Paint Job

When we lived in Wisconsin we had a nice sized patio surrounded by a fountain, birdbaths, planted pots and an arbor with a rose vine that was the entryway to the dog's fenced in yard. You could access it from the kitchen and the family room. Here on our tiny patio in DC, we have a single door access from the kitchen. This door is covered with a locked iron gate for security reasons. I never heard of locked iron security gates in Milwaukee neighborhood. Since we live in a condo it is not always clear who has responsibility for what when it comes to outdoor upkeep. Rather than fight city hall, we routinely fix and repair most things on our patio space. The white paint was peeling in a bad way from typical water issues, so my husband thought it was a good time to scrape it off. We got a quart of exterior paint from Frager's but haven't yet had a chance to use it yet because of the incessant rain this week. Hopefully we can get this finished soon. It's really not that big of a job, but it is an eyesore - at least to us. I'm not sure a lot if other folks around here would even notice. 

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