Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Business Cards

I have a business card for my real work, but I have to be honest - I don't use it very much. I also have a business card for my digital art. I used them for ads in the Hill Rag a couple years ago, but they were recently updated with new photos and information. I can't say I use them that much either. I have one displayed on my web page. They do represent my favorite subjects - a cat, a dog, and a Capitol Hill fixture townhouse. That townhouse belonged to our son and his family. It just sold last week in a day or less. I don't think I'll be changing it because I really liked that house. The one place I do use my business cards is at the Wagtime Shop across from the Navy Yard. They are tucked in between all the portraits that are on display there. I didn't save all my business cards over a thirty year health care career, and eight more years as a civil servant. But I did save all the name tags. I wonder what the future of the traditional business card will be. For some reason, I like the last one the best. 

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