Sunday, June 8, 2014

Copyright Society Event and Dusk at the Library of Congress

We decided to wait until evening to take a walk last night rather than the usual afternoon outing. I am nursing a cold or virus and felt rather tired most of the day. But when the weather is as gorgeous as it was, one simply can't stay indoors. I noticed valet parking signs along 1st Street in front of the Library. It is not at all unusual for Saturday evening events there. On the way back from promenading around the Capitol grounds, we walked up the steps to the Jefferson Building. There was an event sponsored by the Copyright Society that started at eight. It was already half past when we sat down on the benches. A couple stragglers arrived late and made it up the front steps in their tux and gown. There were a few folks passing through, but it was very quiet and serene at dusk. Across the street was the Capitol dome filling with the orange rays of sunset. On our way back home the lighting around the building was just perfect. You'd never know you were in the middle of a busy city. But it never is on a Saturday evening at this time of year. 

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