Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Florida State University T Shirt

I went to Florida State University. I went with the intention of majoring in history, but ended up with a nursing degree. It became my choice because of the economy and job market - not because I was in love with nursing. In the end it served me well over a thirty year health care career. While a student at FSU I was featured on the cover of the directory and marketing bulletin, I tutored several basketball players at the time our team was #2 only behind the powerhouse UCLA, and really enjoyed my time in Tallahassee. Of course along the way I owned FSU clothing - and particularly liked one T shirt. It was proudly worn outside the house for a while, then became an indoor garment, then finally relegated to a night shirt. It has traveled all over the world! It is with great regret that I may need to finally dispose of the old thing - but not until it really falls apart. It hardly matters where you live, and it's not really the shirt itself. It's more about the reminders of the past. And in this instance they were all good!

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