Saturday, June 14, 2014

Boats and Paddlers on the Potomac

Finally a beautiful day, and the ride along the Potomac River on the George Washington Parkway is always so pleasant. The white puffy clouds make for a very serene and picturesque scene. The water level is quite high, and muddy, from all the rainstorms around here this last week. As we moved further down the river away from the city, the boats got smaller and smaller - coincidental I am sure, but nevertheless something that did not escape my eye. I have this horrible sense of noticing things from a very objective perspective. At least this time it's sort of something to chuckle about. At the Washington Monument was a larger dinner boat type of vessel sailing by. When we reached the Kennedy Center, the smaller tour boat was just passing under the bridge. When we reached the higher level and scenic overlook spots on the way to McLean, the two standing paddlers were tiny. I have alway lived near water - even in cities with water in the names. We really don't use the water, fish, swim, or sail on it. But it's always so very pleasant to look at. 

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