Tuesday, June 24, 2014

American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial

We knew something was being built but did not know what it was until the signs went up a couple weeks ago. Until that happened we thought it might have something to do with water main repairs. Then we saw several large trees delivered to the site and knew it was something more. On Washington Avenue next to The Department of Health and Human Services Building and across from the US Botanical Garden and Bartholdi Fountain will be the new memorial dedicated to disabled veterans. It covers considerable space and will eventually become yet another place to walk through, sit in, and contemplate life. The Capitol dome can also clearly be seen from this vantage point. There is a website that shows the progress of the project, but we drive and walk by it quite regularly every week. Aside from this, the upcoming railroad tunnel overhaul along Virginia Avenue, and the ongoing construction near the ballpark contribute to a lot of building going on around us. Luckily we are far enough away not to be directly involved, but it all potentially impacts available street parking. Then I start to get ornery. But we are not quite ready to give up on our ten year old Subaru. Hopefully we will continue not to notice the disruption - but I have my doubts. I miss my garage and driveway but also enjoy all the neighborhood improvements. 

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