Saturday, June 28, 2014

Macy's Pants - Polo, Boss and Levi Strauss

When my husband starts talking about the fact that he needs pants, that means within the next month or two we will be looking for some. When he mentions it for the third or fourth time, then I know it is time to actually get them. Since he retired several years ago his wardrobe definitely changed from jackets, slacks and ties to jeans and pants with short sleeve shirts and T shirts. When we moved from Milwaukee to DC, he took along only two suits - one for winter and one for summer - and two ties. I think he has worn each one time. Every once in awhile Macy's sends discount cards, and it reminds us it may be the right time to get whatever we have been thinking about. So today we headed out to Tyson's past McLean in Virginia to look for some jeans and a couple T shirts at Macy's in Tyson's Galleria. Soon we will be able to take the Metro Silver Line that is opening within the next month or two. After selecting several pieces in one size, it was obvious it was the wrong size, so we went around for round two and ended up with one Polo, one Boss, and one Levi Strauss. He has a few pair at home that can definitely be tossed...they have enough holes in the legs and the pockets to lose a lot of change and keys. I suppose I can't complain since I'm still wearing an ancient FSU T shirt full of holes as a night shirt. But no one else sees me in it. After all, even though he is retired, he still need to dress the part - for me!

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