Thursday, June 26, 2014

Capitol Building Olmsted Terrace Restoration

Most views if the Capitol Building are quite majestic in all seasons and times of the day. But as with any old building, repairs and restoration work are required. Our condo is an 1890's building that has its own share of issues compared to the 1950's Cape Cod home we lived in in Milwaukee. The Washington Monument just completed repair work created from the earthquake. The scaffolding finally came down couple months ago and it looks brilliant once again. This stone restoration on the Olmsted Terrace is slated to last until November. So far it is not so disruptive to the passers-by. But there are also plans the fix the dome. It too will be encased in scaffolding for a long time. That work hasn't started yet and I'm not sure when it will. The barrier walls have been erected on the northwest side. So now is the time to enjoy the beauty of the historical building before it's too late. There is always something broken around here and you can't help but notice. 

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